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Flash Sale: 20 Tickets Available [Next Price: $50 Early Bird]

This is our 1-month presale for the Fall Footy Fest in the Catskills. Comes with all-access to festivities, the 5v5 tournament, drinks & food.

(28 Remaining)

Non-Player Flash Sale [Next Price: $25.00 Early Bird]

This is our one-month presale for non-playing attendees of the Fall Footy Fest.

Flash Sale: Early Bird Player Ticket + Accommodations [Next Price: $200]

This includes a ticket to the tournament, festivities, drinks, and accommodations for Friday & Saturday night.

Flash Sale Non-Player Ticket + Accommodations [Next Price Jump: $150]

This includes ticket to attend the fest (not play), enjoy drinks, field games and accommodations for two nights.

Flash Sale Player & Non-Player Pass + Accommodations (1 shared room) [Next Price: $285]

This is basically the Couple Pass, whereby one player is playing and another is not.

Flash Sale: 2 Player Pass + Accommodations (1 shared room) [Next Price $300]

This is a ticket for 2 player passes + accommodations for 2 nights (1 room)

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